Marketing notes for the self-published

After the writing is finished, the work just begins. Personally, I’m still learning about marketing. Here are a few things I’ve learned.

Where do readers gather?

Book clubs
book stores

where should my book appear?

Libraries – virtual and real; if not in print form than in another form. Notices on community board, printed bookmarks, offer to give a free reading/talk about your book.

Book clubs – If not already a member, join a book club. Virtual forums and real ones. Writers are supposed to socialize with like minded people and listening to the ideas of others is a creative boon. Plus, you can shamelessly plug your book as long as you’re not obnoxious about it.

Book stores – Virtual and real; your book should be listed on the main sites. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, if you have ebook form, kindle, nook, sony and apple.

In addition, you should be promoting your book to booksellers. Give out a few of the bookmarks you printed, browse through bookstores and suggest your book as one of the titles.

Your book should also appear on as many readers lists as possible. Genre specific? General fiction? Try to find virtual reading lists that are open to suggestions.

Social networking – Yes, twitter, Facebook and myspace.
As a regular presence in any particular forum you will get some attention. Be consistent.


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