For quite some time, I’ve resisted publishing my work (novels or short stories that I wanted to sell) in ebook or digital form. I’ve been under the impression that you’re not a real author unless you get something published by one of the major publishing houses.

You know what I’m talking about: Harper-Collins, Random House…

Then I read that Smashword authors sell several (I think three) e-versions of their books for every one print edition.

That’s a difference worth noting.

For first time authors wanting to build readership/audience, it’s a great deal.

Smashwords may not appear as glamorous as Random House, but for the starving artist type willing to put in a bit of work, I believe it a beneficial endeavor.

The formatting can be a pain. I spent two days on the Style Guide making sure Pink Eye was perfect. (I still have a bit of anxiety about this).

You also have to design your own cover or hire someone to design it.

The benefits are many. Once you get your manuscript uploaded to Smashwords and are in the Premium Catalogue, your work goes out to Apple, Sony, Kindle and so many other distribution outlets and retailers.

For the first time published author/artist, this will probably put a few needed dollars in your pocket.

Anyway… I’m still working on the cover image and looking forward to viewing more of the contest submissions.

Another note about the cover contest: The winning entry will be used for the print version of the book–not the ebook.


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