Design Students–Design a horror cover contest

The contest:

Design a 6″x9″ cover for the horror novelette, Pink Eye.

Get your name in print and receive a free copy of the book, a feature article about you on the website and links from social media to your image gallery.

Winning image will be used as cover art for the novel Pink Eye by Carla R. Herrera.

Here’s one idea for the cover:

silver, red and black background, a rat’s face–Titan (one of the infected rats)–smashed against the iron grill of an underground pipe. Part of the animal’s nose has been ripped off and the animal lay bleeding, looking out at the viewer with bright pink eyes. At the far end of the pipe, other animals block the view to the outside world.

If you would like more ideas, read the first chapter.


Submit as original PDF or JPEG

Note: This is a spineless book and back cover will be used for additional title and description space.

Contest ends 1/31/2012.

Submit all entries to: starvingartist0 at yahoo dot com.


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