Dead Mexican Fathers

Dead Mexican Fathers----Posted on Myspace.

Look at me,
With my dead
Mexican father.

Don't say you know,
About Mexican men,
Who break laws.

Languish on systems
Not meant for anyone,
But you.

I know Mexican
From Colorado,
New Mexico,

Suave and neatly tucked
Into groomed containers,
Bent over in harvest for
Future generations.

Look at my men:
Brown all over,
And speaking English
Better than you.

In full rebel gear,
Laughing at lies
And the history
Of poor Mexican peasants.

Meant to do everything,
Too quiet to move.
Taking on the suit,
And posture of here.

Don't tell me something
You don't know.
I have a dead
Mexican father.

And that's all
I need to know.

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