Tornado Writer

The Tornado Writer.

She’s an image I created to keep me in a state of suspended disbelief. Meaning: Regardless of reality, I choose to believe the odds of a traditional publishing house picking up my work are pretty darn good.

She sits at a computer in the midst of a tornado, papers swirling about her, typing away. This is the image of dedication, focus. This is me, I think. I am the Tornado Writer. So it shall be.

At times it’s necessary for the writer to trick him or herself into continuing. Regardless of circumstances, despite the odds, no matter the negative feedback, writing is like any other profession in which practice builds up a body of work.

The point is to build up that body of work, experience and knowledge in the arena one is playing in. Time and practice gets you through the gate and on to the track. You become another horse on the track and eventually, with enough practice and dedication to your craft, you become one of the winners.

Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose, but that body of work speaks for itself. The Tornado Writer image is no longer needed, because one has become the image.


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