Moving the blog

I am moving the blog. I have been with WordPress for a very long time, but I think it’s time to update.

Blogger offers more services (video, etc) for a much better price (FREE).

So, I will be moving because in the near future (with some luck) I will be making video logs in addition to regular blog posts.

So this is the last post here. You can find me now at

Hope to see you there.


Doodling as Art?

I’m not sure I would call Negative Nancy art. She’s a stick figure character I digitally doodled while playing around with different ideas.


There was something compelling about her. I’m still not sure what exactly, except maybe it was just the playful way I had approached the whole thing. After working on the Violence Against Women project, I needed something a bit lighter.


I imagine this may be the reason for my inclination toward this particular image. It’s innocent and playful. Naive even.

Some of the merch products actually turned out better than I expected.

So for your viewing pleasure, I have brought a few to you. With the link.


A New Campaign

The new campaign is Violence Against Women.

Many have suffered at the hands of abusers, but until reading the statistics, you just don’t know how many. The stats really do make you do a double-take. The problem is endemic and there is a huge list of types of abuse that are beyond disgusting.

I just learned about forced marriage. In some countries (I won’t name them) it is a widespread problem with men abducting women and forcing them to marry under threat of violence and becoming ‘impure’ in the eyes of the community.

Anyway, the campaign currently has five different designs. You can see them on TeePublic and give me a thumbs up/like in the lower left-hand corner of each design.


P.S. Thanks in advance.

I Survived!

Dramatic title for such a tame topic.


Ahhh the joys of motherhood. And childhood.

If any of you are baby boomers you should be laughing right now. Our moms were not always the joys they’ve sometimes been made out to be. Mine was no Joan Cleaver. (I think that’s the right name).

I’ve created a design to commemorate the survival of us who have survived the trials and tribulations our MOM has put us through.

#1 will read: University of Mom

#2 will read: I survived U O M

#3 will read: University of Mom — I survived

Here’s one of the links:


Mugshots Copyrighted? I think NOT!

2nd UPDATE: (6/26) TeePublic sent me an email this morning and they did end up removing the Ozzy and Morrison merch. There’s a handshake deal with the company that manages those estates that they won’t publish anything without licensing. I’m irritated, but moving on. More mugshot merch coming soon. Some pretty creepy stuff.


TeePublic restored the designs!

So… A heads up everyone. I am venting here. I’m so angry right now.

I put together several mugshots of several different celebrities, living and dead, and created a standard design that would apply to all of them for tees and merch.

Two of them have been removed from my TeePublic shop because Bravado International Group Merchandising Services Inc. complained that it was a copyright violation.


I guess no one told them, they don’t hold copyrights to mugshots. These are public domain articles.

So for further public consumption, I am posting these two mugshots here. Please comment below.